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International exhibition of child

CROCUS-EXPO complex 26 August will see the presentation of the international exhibition of child and adolescent KID & JUNIOR fashion FASHION ".

Child and adolescent fashion show takes place at a very fast rate of development of the Russian market of children's goods and services. It is estimated by experts from up to $ 8.7 billion and $ 3.7 with each passing year at 15-20%. The number of families with children in Russia over the last 5 years increased by 20%, while families with children up to 3 years is almost 5 times more. Due to the increased income of Russian families with 2000, increases fertility, and thereby increases the demand for children's products. Thus, for many of today's parents when choosing a child item is the most important thing is quality, price and prestige brands. In response to the demand of market in Russia new Russian manufacturers of children's clothes, are foreign companies. A growing number of stores that make bets on children's brands. Fashion houses are opening fashion line for babies. Children's fashion as a serious business like fashion for adults.

The main directions of the exhibition "the KID & JUNIOR FASHION" are:

  • costumes
  • clothes for prom
  • evening dress
  • Accessories, jewelry
  • Kids shoes
  • children's clothing
  • outerwear
  • baby clothing
  • teenage clothing
  • underwear
  • school uniforms
  • hosiery
  • knitwear, hats
  • children and youth cosmetics and beauty.
  • sportswear
Under this program, the Festival Republic KID "– impressions of children's and young adult collections, as well as children's show will be organized by individual works of Russian designers and design studios. Photo session will be presented separately to the child and adolescent fashion.

Presentation of the exhibition of child and adolescent KID & JUNIOR fashion FASHION "will be held in conjunction with the 6th International exhibition of urban fashion the jeans-only and the largest exhibition in Russia, most accurately reflects the State of the Russian market of youth clothing, shoes and accessories.
Woolf, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Sergei Markov, Roman Trachtenberg, etc.

Exhibition program:

• 9.00 press-conference with participation of the President of the company "Gloria Jeans" Vladimir Melnikov and Development Director TM GJ Joseph Palaček (Conference Hall)
• 11.30 Home Ceremony (podium)
• 14.00 fashion shows of Russian and foreign producers of child and adolescent service (podium)