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Information partners ensure show success

KJF already obtained some information partners among leading Russian and foreign publications. Understanding the unique and non-ordinary character of the project, many family magazines dedicated to problems of children upbringing and relations of mother and child, participate in the exhibition with pleasure.

"Kinder Bazaar", the unique publication of the kind, is already counted among the information sponsors of the exhibition. The magazine, totally dedicated to that narrow but hot-as-pancakes theme of kid's fashion, has no match on the Russian press market. The editorial board puts high emphasis to quality of information posted and its originality.

Most popular maternity publications also could not ignore the event. Nyanya, Mother and Child, Our Baby decided to give information support to KJF, as, to their mind, parents today pay too little attention to children's and teenagers' fashion, believing it simply unnecessary. This state of things should be changed, so these magazines, that form and determine Russian parenthood editions market, have joined the show.

Leading Internet publications have also joined the exhibition information sponsors. For instance, KJF is supported by such biggest portals as 7ya.ru and Nanya.ru, serving the major part of family websites visitors.

Beyond popular family editions, the exhibition is supported by specialized fashion magazines like FMD, Modny Magazin, Industria Mody. Besides Russian media, the Polish, Serbian and Turkish publications expressed their desire top participate.

Such serious information support of the exhibition by leading media is the evidence of the interest of the prospective exhibition attendees and publication readers, as well as of the importance of "Kid & Junior Fashion" for the today's children's wear and fashion in Russia. The pool of information partners of the exhibition is still growing.

KFJ will take place on August 23-25, 2006 in Crocus Expo exhibition centre. More information about the exhibition: www.kjf.ru.